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What do dogs really want  ?

Boarding prices include:

Spacious boarding cabins.
Deluxe cabin - 3'X10'.  Premium cabin - 4'X10'. Chalet
cabin -6'X10'.  While your dog rests on a comfortable
Petcot, relaxing classical music plays 24 hours a day.  
You can watch your dog on free web cams from
anywhere you may be.

Regular trips outdoors.
Three times a day your dog is taken outside in the fresh
country air for a minimum of 15 minutes each time.

Clean facilities and fresh air inside,
Huge circulating units completely change the air seven
times every hour while purifying filters and germocide
lights  keep the air fresh and clean.  Temperature-
controlled air conditioning or heat add to your dog's

Free meals.
Our menu includes a variety of the highest quality
Eukanuba delicacies: adult, puppy, senior, and weight
control.   If your dog prefers its home own food, just bring

Medication care.
Oral medications are administered at no charge.
Vaccinations Required (Click)
Current proof of bordetella, DHPP, and rabies must       
be provided.  Your vet can fax them to 831-2742.
(We accept titer tests that show an immunity.)
                             Cabin Prices          
(There is a 50% discount for each additional pet staying in the same cabin.)  
                      One Dog     Two Dogs    Three Dogs
Deluxe Cabin (3'X10')            $25.00          37.50              43.75
Premium Cabin (4'X10')         $28.00          42.00              49.00
Chalet Cabin (6'X10')             $39.00          58.50              68.25
Extra Boarding Features
  • Dog park exercise with other dogs
  • One-on-one walks, swimming in Lake Dog-be-gone, play in the park,
    Frisbee golf
  • Private play in the Mini-park
  • Private cabin web camera
Click for prices
Dogs that stay 7 or more days
get a complementary bath.
Of all the kennels in Cincinnati, KennelResorts alone has ....what dogs really want.
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