KennelResorts Disclaimer

KennelResorts assumes no responsibility for any accidents/injuries to any dog
and/or the dog’s owner (care provider) while in the dog park or anywhere on
KennelResorts' property.

All dog’s and people enter the dog park at their own risk. Any dog is capable of
biting or acting aggressively in certain situations.

KennelResorts Rules and Regulations
KennelResorts wants all dogs and owners to enjoy their time at our dog parks, but
please observe the following rules to ensure your safety and that of your dog:

ONLY MEMBERS of Kennelesorts  are allowed in the dog parks.

No dogs known to be aggressive toward other dogs or people (or exhibiting any
threatening behavior) may enter the dog park.  
No trained attack or guard dogs may enter the dog park.

All dogs are required to be current on vaccinations for rabies, distemper,
hepatitis,  parvo, parainfluenza, and bordetella.   No dog may enter the dog park if
it has any contagious conditions/diseases or has internal or external parasites.  All
dogs entering must be healthy.

When entering KennelResorts dog park the owner (care provider) is required to
sign in with his/her name/address and the dog’s membership number.

Owner’s must clean up after their dog.  

To prevent dogfights, owners (care providers) should inquire about the nature of
any unfamiliar dog(s) already in the dog park.  This should be done before
releasing your dog.  It is always recommended to observe the “body language” of
your dog and of all the dogs in the dog park.   

If your dog becomes unruly or aggressive, you must leash it and remove it from
the dog park immediately.

Keep your dog(s) on-leash until you get into the dog park.

No training, pronged, or sharp edged collars shall be worn in the dog park.  

No non-neutered or non-spayed dogs may enter the dog park at any time.

Owners (care providers) are required to closely supervise their dog(s) and at no
time leave their dogs unattended in the dog park

No small children five years old or younger are allowed in the dog parks.  Any
other children under the age of 16 must have adult supervision at all times.

No one should run with or chase after dog(s) in the dog park.

If approaching an unfamiliar dog, do so only with the approval of that dog’s owner
(care provider).

All dogs must have a current license on their collar.

All puppies must be current on at least the second of three rounds of puppy shots.

No smoking or eating is allowed in the dog park.  Cigarette butts and food
wrappers are tempting treats to dogs, but bad for them.

No one is allowed to bring more than three (3) dogs to the dog park at one time.

The seasonal posted hours of operation of the dog park must be observed.

Dogs that bark excessively must leave the dog park.

Dogs can never be left unattended in the dog park.