Providing a healthy environment with clean air and spotless surroundings.
•        Every 7 minutes the air is completely changed in each boarding area.  (This is accomplished through huge 5
   ton Carrier HVAC units.)
•        Germicide lights on every HVAC unit kill a wide range of bacteria.
•        The floors of all “common areas” are power washed with disinfectant regularly.
•        All walls, ceilings, and floors are moisture resistant to prevent the growth of bacteria.
•        Industrial fans aid in keeping all “cabins” dry, again, to reduce the growth of bacteria.
•        Windows and skylights provide the natural health benefit of sunlight.
•        All dogs will be current on vaccinations (or have a satisfactory titer test) for parvo, distemper, rabies,
   and bordetella.

Making your dog feel like its at home by treating it that way.
•        All dogs are welcome and encouraged to come all year long to play in our two outdoor dog parks.  If they do,
   their boarding experience will be less stressful, as they will identify
KennelResorts as a fun place to visit and to
•        Our cabins are extra large, from 30 sq. ft. to 60 sq. ft.  
•        Your dog’s toys, blankets, and “home kennel” are welcome in its cabin. (Dogs feel secure and safe in their
  “home kennel”.)
•        Your dog’s menu does not have to change, as we will serve your same good home cooking. (Eukanuba will be      
   served if your dog wants to dine out.)
•        Each cabin has a comfortable Pet Cot and fleece blanket.

Ensuring a lot of exercise which is what dogs do best and need the most.
•        All social dogs can run, climb, smell and swim in our two outdoor dog parks. (1.5 acres)
•        Our dog parks have tunnels, play sets, hills, beach, golf course, lots of trees, and even a lake. (Lots of
   exercise means tired, but happy and healthy dogs.)
•        Our 2500 sq. ft. indoor exercise room offers a climate controlled environment for exercise in all kinds of bad
•        Solitary dogs get exercise too, in their own private outdoor exercise run.

Monitoring Dog Park activity and attendance.
•        Only dogs that are temperament tested and thoroughly screened will participate in group activities.

Providing a secure facility.
•        The owner lives on the 7.5 acre fenced-in property.
•        The building is protected by ADT with smoke/motion detectors as well as door burglary alarms.
•        The outside building and property are well lit for everyone’s added security.

Taking extra safety precautions  with dogs at play.
•        Social dogs will exercise with those their same size.
•        Cedar Grove Dog Park offers a “safety zone” exercise area for small dogs and puppies.

Helping your dog relax.
•        All kennel sections play soothing stereo classical music.
•        TVs showing the Animal Planet provide stimulation and an enriched experience.
•        All boarding sections are designed to reduce and absorb noise. (There are no more than 28 dogs per                   
   section; and the ceilings and walls are designed to absorb sound.)
•        One way viewing windows allow human visitors to see the facility without disturbing our “members”.

Helping you relax.
•        Web cams enable you to watch your dog exercise in all outdoor and indoor common areas.  
•        Private, infrared web cams allow you to check in on your dog's cabin, even when the lights are out.
KennelResorts  provides the highest
quality care for your dog.     
And we do it by…..