KennelResorts Day Camp is what your dog really wants while
you're at work.  It is also available to all our boarding guests
while you are on vacation.  Your dog can run, climb, dig and
play all day with other "social" canines.  Play groups are
broken into two packs, one for large dogs of 25 pounds or
more and one for small dogs.  While your dog plays you can
watch the fun from your office computer or laptop on our
numerous free web cameras.  You are never more than a few
clicks away.

All dogs have indoor and outdoor access.  Big dogs have
access to an 1100 sq. ft. indoor play area and to Cedar Grove
Dog park,  which is 3/4 of an acre!  There are fantastic play
activities: Terrier Tunnels of Love, Pooch's Play Set, and the
always super fun sandbox.  Little dogs have access to a
separate 1100 sq. ft. indoor play area and to the hills of Silly
Tree Dog Park.

There is no Day Camp in the Cincinnati area that has over an
acre of indoor/outdoor play areas.  Dogs want to be outside.  
They want to run and dig.  That can't do that in a tiny cramped
warehouse or concrete pad.

Hours are: Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

All dogs that participate in Day Camp must have a current Dog
Park Membership.
Day Camp
Web Cameras
Cedar Grove Dog Park
Day Camp Room  (1)
Day Camp Room  (2)

                   How your dog becomes a dog park member
If your dog would like to become a member of the KennelResorts dog parks or attend Day Camp it must pass a          
temperament test administered by our staff.  The tests are conducted by appointment which can be set up by calling the
office at 831-7297.  Plan on about 25 minutes for the test.

                              What is the temperament test?
The temperament test will determine how your dog responds to social interaction with other canines.   We will first   
introduce your dog to Wrigby, member of the KennelResorts' board of directors.  He is very social and is fantastic at
meeting any dog.  If that meeting goes well, we then introduce your dog to a pack of 4-5 social dogs of the same size.   If all
goes well, your dog "passes" and is issued an annual membership card.   This card enables your dog to use our two dog   
parks all year long.  In addition, this card is required for any dog that boards with us that participates in social play during  
its stay.  

Day Camp Prices
                           $15 per day for boarding dogs
                           $22 per day for non boarding dogs
                           $100 for a 10 half day or 5 full day pass         
($10 for a half day; $20 for a full day)
                           $300 for a 40 half day or 20 full day pass       ($7.50 for a half day; $15 for a full day)

                                        (Day Camp passes can be used for half days - less than four hours, as well as full days -more than four hours.)
Of all the kennels in Cincinnati, KennelResorts alone has ....what dogs really want.
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Our facility has had only 10 instances in 9 years where
dogs have required veterinary care for dog bites.   We
do this by having a very large inside and outside
exercise area.  It is approximately one acre for large
dogs (25+ pounds) and ¼ acre for small dogs (<25
pounds).   Staff members do not share the same space
with the dogs, in fact, we limit the amount of contact our
day camp dogs have with humans.  When dogs in a
pack have contact with humans their anxiety level
escalates.  They fight for attention, and become more
aggressive with each other, as well as the humans.   Our
most recent worker’s compensation claim occurred
when a staff person was getting a dog from the pack.  
When customers observe our day camp that is done
behind a one way glass window, so that the dogs cannot
see the humans.  All of our dogs must pass a stringent
“temperament test”.  A dog’s membership is pulled if
he/she shows any inconsistent social behavior.

Day camp for dogs is safest when dogs have a lot of
space in which to roam and retreat, humans are not
included in the mix, and “unsocial” tendencies are not
tolerated.  Our day camp dogs are more relaxed and
spend much of the day sleeping in their day camp
environment.  They work out issues with each other, and
have limited issues with the human pack leaders.  And
finally, our staff is safer
Day Camp Safety
for Dogs/People