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Honey Locust Hills Dog Park
Cedar Grove Dog Park
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The greater Cincinnati area has numerous public dog parks.  They’re fantastic!  Your dog can have fun,              
socialize with other dogs and owners, and get lots of exercise.  We encourage you to visit those facilities often.
Because dogs are highly social animals that need a lot of exercise to be healthy and happy, KennelResorts has i     
incorporated two dog parks into our 7 acre wooded property.

Cedar Grove Dog Park features numerous attractions including Pooch’s Play Set and the Terrier Tunnel of Love.  

Beagle Bay WaterBark features  Hound Hills, the world famous Silly Tree, and Setter's Point.

Having two large exercise dog parks at KennelResorts offers many improvements to the lodging experience of our
canine members:

-They will have lots of exercise and fun for their improved emotional and physical wellbeing.     

-They will always have a safe and fun place that they can visit anytime with a guest of their choice.

-For those dogs that suffer from “separation anxiety” associating their boarding experience with the fun they’ve
had at KennelResorts will help them make the emotional transition to your absence.

-They can have more fun playing where all the dogs have passed the temperament assessment.  

-They will not have you worry about getting sick, as all their “friends” will all be current on their vaccinations.

       How your dog becomes a dog park member
If your dog would like to become a member of the KennelResorts dog parks or attend Day Camp it must pass a
temperament test administered by our staff.  The tests are conducted by appointment which can be set up by
calling the office at 831-7297.  Plan on about 25 minutes for the test.

              What is the temperament test?
The temperament test will determine how your dog responds to social interaction with other canines.   We will first
introduce your dog to Wrigby, member of the KennelResorts' board of directors.  He is very gentle and is fantastic
at meeting any dog.  If that meeting goes well, we then introduce your dog to a pack of 4-5 social dogs of the same
size.   If all goes well, your dog "passes" and is issued an annual membership card.   This card enables your dog to
use our two dog parks all year long.  In addition, this card is required for any dog that boards with us that
participates in social play during its stay.