KennelResorts Championship Golf Course is where dogs that are off-leash trained can hone their skills
and have fantastic fun and exercise at the same time.   Three holes are cut into the seven acre woods.  
You  and your dog tee off with a Frisbee or tennis ball.  Where your dog retrieves it is the “spot” of the
next shot.  Keep score or just ignore that chore.   The only rule is that your dog and family have fun.   If
your dog does not catch a Frisbee or ball, no problem.    Your dog can just run!

                                  To Be A Member

To become a member of the KennelResorts Championship Golf Course your dog must have a  current
Dog Park membership.  If he/she is proficient "off leash"  you can pay an additional $10 fee for full
access to the links.   If your dog is social but not good off-leash it can still be a member of KennelResorts
Dog Parks and utilize the numerous exercise options in Cedar Grove and Honey Locust Hills Dog Parks.  
Your pooch can swim in Lake Dog-be-gone, pounce off Pouch’s Play Set, tear through the Terrier Tunnel
of Love, or run up and over the many hills.


Annual Membership Fees

Annual Membership at KennelResorts Dog Parks is $75.
(Includes use of the golf course, Beagle Bay Waterbark, and Cedar Grove Dog Park.)
Click Here for the Rules:
We made the FOX 19 News!
Of all the kennels in Cincinnati, KennelResorts alone has ....what dogs really want.
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