KennelResorts               for Dogs

This game is designed to test the skills of the owner in throwing the Frisbee and the dog in catching it.  It also tests the
off leash skills of your dog to obey commands in a timely manner.  
Have fun….that's the most important rule.

•        All dogs must be on-leash at all times when they are not “golfing”.
•        Dogs of 25 pounds or less tee off from the Chihuahua tees; dogs over 25 pounds tee off from the
Rottweiler tees.
•        Dogs using the Chihuahua tee always tee-off after the dogs that use the Rottweiler tees.
•        When your dog’s turn is up, take him/her off leash.  When his/her turn is completed
he must be on leash within one minute after the catch/no catch.  If he is not on leash within
one minute,he/receives a penalty stroke for that hole.  If he is not on leash within 3 minutes he is
disqualified from that hole.
•        If more than one golfer is playing, an owner, not throwing the Frisbee, should be designated as the time keeper.
•        The owner throws the Frisbee and where the dog catches it in the air is the location of the next shot.
•        If the dog does not catch the Frisbee in the air, the next shot is always from the location of the last
successful catch, or from the tee box.
•        If the Frisbee hits a branch or any other obstacle and the dog catches it in the air before it hits the ground, it
is a successful catch.
•        A Frisbee is considered “dead” when it hits the ground or if it stuck in branches, laying on brush, etc.
•        There are no out of bounds areas.  However, an owner can decline to accept a successful catch, if he/she does
not want that location as the location of his/her next shot.  If the owner declines a catch, the next shot is
taken from the same spot from where he/she launched the shot that was just declined.
•        When taking the next shot after a successful catch, the owner has an area 6 ft. in diameter (from the point
of the catch) to move around in to launch the next shot.
•        Up to four dogs can play in group.  Even after a dog has a successful catch the owner/dog must wait until
the other dogs in the group have completed their attempts.  On the first hole, owners decide who goes first.  
On all additional holes, the dog with the best score on the previous hole goes first.
•        After the completion of a successful catch the owner places the Frisbee on the ground at the site of
the successful catch.  Both dog and owner must move away to allow the next golfer the opportunity for a
clear, unobstructed catch.
•        If any dog, picks up a Frisbee that is laying on the ground after a successful shot, that dog is penalized
one stroke on his/her score for that hole.  
•        If a dog receives two penalty strokes while playing any hole, he/she is disqualified from that hole.
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