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(December 2004)
Chairlady of the Board
I've loved animals all my life, especially dogs.  But, like many dog owners, I've always been concerned about
leaving my pet at a boarding kennel.  Many dogs have a difficult time adjusting to that "new" environment.

I had a long time dream of building a "different-kind-of" kennel.  My facility's design, services, and staff are all
focused on providing the best physical and emotional environment for your pet.   My dream is now a reality.   

I visited all the kennels in Greater Cincinnati, and many throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and the United States.  
I've taken all the best animal care practices and incorporated them into the KennelResorts concept.

I grew up in a farming community in Illinois, and graduated from a great agricultural university, the University
of Illinois.  After a brief banking and industrial sales career, I spent most of my working life in the non-profit
human service field as an Executive Director.

My graduate degree in business from Xavier University has been very helpful in preparing me for running a
focused and successful business.  But most importantly, I bring a commitment to quality and customer
service to this new and exciting venture.  My dad always taught me to do any job as "good as possible".  I
promise that KennelResorts staff will make your dog's stay with us "as good as possible".

My dog is named Cubby.  She's a border collie/huskie mix and is the "best dog in the world". Cubby is the
Chairlady of the Board.  She helps me determine what she and her many four-legged friends want from a
kennel lodging experience. She personally tested "pooches play set" and the "terrier tunnel of love" for
safety and quality!

Cubby and I welcome you and your dog to visit us at KennelResorts.  Both of us know that to you, your dog
is the "best dog in the world".  We will never forget that when we are caring for your "best friend".
Of all the kennels in Cincinnati, KennelResorts alone has ....what dogs really want.
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What dogs really want
Owner's Profile
Jim Pottebaum, Owner and
Cubby, Chairlady of the Board
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